A look at the life of Mohammad Babaei, Iranian singer, musician and composer

Mohammad Babaei

Mohammad Babaei, a pop composer and singer, told the cct News correspondent about what he is doing these days and whether he has a new album or song in his hand: “Yes, people who are from cyberspace during the release.” The album “Tab” is in the market with the cooperation of dear friends and artists such as Mohsen Yeganeh, Mohammad Alizadeh, Milad Torabi, and thank God Iran Gam Company, as the most reputable music album company, undertook the publication and distribution of this work, which received very good and positive feedback. But apart from the release of this album, we have published works for IRIB as a single piece in the sweet language of Mazandaran, which again received high feedback, and I have one or two new works that will be released soon, God willing.

He explained why the songs are so weak and ugly: “I think the most important reason that can be said about this is that people do not pay enough attention to the mental and smoothness of the work, and this makes To reduce the quality of work.

We have great songwriters like Ustad Mohammad Ali Bahmani and Abdul Jabbar Kakai whose songs are really lasting, but many people think that if they make the song popular and simple, it would be better if they reduce the content of the work.

Regarding the factors that he uses in his songs, Babaei noted: “I think a good song is a song that is heartwarming and heartwarming in the first place, so that it plays with the soul and psyche of the audience. In fact, this is the most important The condition of the song.

Music, apart from literature and weight, must have a series of factors. In fact, a series of sonnets are such that they can not be used in music at all. In my opinion, the only help in this direction is to pay enough attention to all the points, and I have observed it as much as I could to increase the depth of my songs and increase their durability.

He pointed out how empty the place of “local” folk music on television is and how much has been addressed and how much has not been addressed: “Some people think that singing folk and local music is classless, but from In my opinion, this type of music has a high class. In fact, if we can show our originality, the audience will like it more and will be liked, so that this originality will sit in the heart of the audience.

Mohammad Babaei said about how much Corona has affected the musical life: Corona has destroyed music because the artists have not had a single performance for almost a year. In fact, some artists earn money by performing concerts and appearing. It takes place on stages, but this is not the case in the world. In fact, the artist earns his living through copyright law. There is no longer a copyright law, because if you do a Google search for the name of an album, several different sites will offer the music for these albums for free, and the more you listen to a piece of music. In Iran, the only income of an artist through music is only concerts and organ performances, and with the arrival of Corona, this period of concerts and concerts reached zero and the income of many artists Unfortunately disconnected.

The singer commented on how the lack of copyright law harms music: “Many artists are not active as they used to be, and for example, there are rumors about Shadmehr Aghili’s betting site.” Dad accompanied him with a lot of criticism while no one was aware of such incidents because all over the world, when an artist is not performing, he has to make a living in various ways and provide for himself and his family. However, there are people who mistakenly resort to such things and even though they have the ability to manage.

Referring to how his activity has been in the last year, he noted: Last year, I had several single pieces, one of which was Mazeni’s work called “Lady”, and one was “Journey” and the other was “Loved”. “Sweet” which will be published soon. But my least work activity is related to this year. In fact, not only me but many artists are like that.

Babaei said about how much the producer influences the work of the singer: the producer has a great influence on the work of the singer. But now, unfortunately, the producers have created a situation and a mafia that, by supporting some people, keeps them as much as it is profitable for them, and with strange contracts, they bring the 5% of the readers to their knees; As 95% of the singers’ income is taken from it and the rest is given to the artist himself, for example, a singer gets 40 million Tomans for one of his performances, they only give him a small amount of this amount, and this is really a disaster, and As long as these singers are useful for the producer, they keep them by their side, but when they do not work, they are left out against their inner desire and bring new people back into their game, but in general, they are also good producers. There are those that affect the work of readers.

He pointed out what can make a singer heard and popular: song, good commercials, track, professional luck, all of these are involved, but unfortunately sometimes the worst thing that elevates the singer. Boards are producers who work as mafias.

Babaei continued: “I think artistic management is very effective to make an artist last and not be marginalized. Artists who entered the field overnight will leave soon, but those who came up step by step easily They do not leave the world of music and art in which they are and they are lasting.

He spoke briefly with officials, adding: “The most important thing is to understand art and the artist, because artists really try to keep their appearance because of their social aspect. All over the world, art and the artist have a special place and only words My goal is to really pay special attention to artists and value them. In general, artists have always been by the side of the authorities and the people, and have conveyed the pain, heart and desires of the people to the authorities. In fact, the artist wants welfare to be for the whole society.

In his speech, Mohammad Babaei expressed his opinion about the online concert and said: I do not approve of the online concert very much. In fact, in the current situation, it is only for a temporary stay, but it is better than nothing. It should not be exploited, but maybe this kind of concert will be useful for people who make a living this way, and I look at it positively at the moment.

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